Monday, March 18, 2013

Microsoft shows some love for equal marriage

More evidence of the sea-change in marriage rights for same-sex couples that has taken over the United States. Although I can't help but note that it's probably a lot easier for the "mainstream" to watch two beautiful women kiss each other than two men. But anyway, baby steps.

Here's the ad:

Ad by Deutsch NY. Tip via Business Insider.


  1. You are statistically wrong: In articles on same sex issues in German newspapers and magazines gay men were shown in 80 % of the cases... even in the case of articles on same sex parents although precisely 80 % of same sex parents are two women... Male privilege trumps. The only time "lesbians" are overrepresented is in porn. And those are mostly "gay for pay".
    I very much doubt that the representation is different for Canada.

    1. Well, I'd reference the US rather than Canada here, but I suppose I'd have to do the math before arguing with you. And I was told there would be no math.