Monday, April 8, 2013

Drunk and camwhoring "babies" used to sell infant monitors

These are supposedly for Motorola, by Revolution, Brazil. I'm not even sure what to believe anymore, after all the ad spoof idiocy that's been going on lately.

If these are "real" (as in, approved by client for publication) they are a really bad idea for the brand. If not, they are still tacky and weird.

The other two show a guy getting a huge chest tattoo and a shark diver.

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  1. It's precisely because of stupid ads like these that I un-bookmarked Ads of the World long time ago. I no longer browse the site. This is advertising at its absolute worst. I doubt these are real, because they don't even show the whole product (monitor or LCD unit + camera, which is missing here for some strange reason). I get the message, but it's presented in a very tacky off putting fashion. Also, it can potentially confuse some people, as it seems to have confused you, Tom.