Thursday, April 18, 2013

Iggy Pop makes fun of his label problems to promote new Stooges album

There's a good reason there will unlikely ever be a definitive Iggy Pop box set. And that's because, in the course of an almost 45-year, defiant and rude recording career, he has been bounced from every major label — as well as several indies.

The Stooges were originally signed to Electra. After two albums, they were dropped. They reformed, with help from David Bowie, to sign to Columbia. That lasted one album. (But what an album!) They broke up again, and a few years later David Bowie swooped back in and got Iggy a deal with RCA. Two albums later, and Bowie-free, he signed to Arista. Which dropped him after three platters and left him with no other option than to sign with indie Animal Records.

Bowie came back into Iggy's life, and he signed with A&M. That lasted two albums. Then he was on Virgin for an amazing run of seven, until he got bumped down to their subsidiary, Astrawerx. Then he went to Thousand Mile Inc. for an odd collection of French crooning covers.

All of that to say that the man has seen his share of rock star decadence and decay. (And those are just the mainstream releases.) Now, as he turns 63, Iggy is about to release his long-awaited follow-up to Raw Power with the modern-day Iggy & The Stooges. On something called Fat Possum Records.

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