Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Retailer suggests that your daughters learn "the importance of looking nice"

Facebook humour group Condescending Corporate Brand Page shared this status update from Lazada Super Moms, the targeted outreach of the Lazada Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines. 

And what do they have for boys?

Girls look nice, boys get respected. And that's how the gender roles are policed.


  1. I'm sorry, but this is a traditional retailer. What do you want them to teach? Of course, they would teach (encourage) traditional gender roles. Show me one Canadian toy maker that advertises dolls to boys. As for the "looking nice" statement, I say kudos to them for being honest, because in America and Canada we have quite the opposite: brands telling us how unimportant really is to look nice, as long as you are nice on the inside.. Yeah right!

  2. Anonymous doesn't seem to get out much...

  3. Anonymous, you break my heart... Are there still so many people who think like you? In CANADA??? Gee, I honestly don't believe so!