Monday, May 6, 2013

Can this kind of teaser campaign still be effective? #smallenfreuden

It's like a combination of the fictional Gabbo! campaign from The Simpsons and early meme site

As Marketing reports:

Several ominous orange billboards appeared in Toronto last week, posing a strange question: “Do you #smallenfreuden?” 
They feature no tagline, no brand logo and no call to action. Just a question with the term smallenfreuden (an English/German portmanteau meaning “the joy of small”) styled as a hashtag.
Doing some research, the Canadian ad blog found an obscure Twitter account and this video:

So what is it for? I'm not that curious, really. I'm more interested in seeing if such an old-school teaser campaign can still work, without either being prematurely outed or simply forgotten about before it reaches critical mass.

What do you think? Is this approach stuck in the 20th century, or will people pay attention long enough to be a captive audience?

UPDATE: It's Visa


  1. Interesting that they are placing these billboards in front of popular ad agencies. Gorilla marking targeting creatives? Hmmmm....interesting indeed.

    1. Don't they all? So much advertising is made for the appreciation of an insider audience.

  2. I wrote about this too! I don't think it came close to living up to the amount spent on the campaign.

    What do you think now that we're a few weeks into the campaign?


    P.S. - Here's my article -

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