Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mystery posters promote guns as an LGBT rights issue

Over the past few years, the LGBT rights movement in the United States has been phenomenally successful. So I guess it's not that surprising that another movement — the lobby against tightening gun control — would try to align itself with the equal marriage cause.

According to Buzzfeed staffer Sarah Karlan, these posters "have been popping up around the Washington State Capitol in the last several days" and the QR code leads to a pro-gun website called “A Human Right.”

According to MSN, however, the site's owner denies being behind the wild postings. Nashville commercial photographer Oleg Volk told James Eng:
"The photo poster is my design, the line drawing isn't. I encourage re-posting of my graphics, so I approve of the use in general. The specific use wasn't coordinated with me but that's just fine, pre-approval is not necessary. 
"I have no idea who posted them but they acted as my allies in the cause. I want everyone -— especially people who have been traditionally facing discrimination and danger — to be more secure and independent. Minorities of all kinds are in that exact predicament."
(I also wonder why there's what appears to be a Lebanese flag in the first one.)

This isn't a unique combination of positions. Libertarians, for example, support both LGBT and gun freedoms (among many others). But this particular positioning, at this particular time, seems mighty cynical to me.


  1. that's a pretty bad rendition of a lebanese flag. the tree looks a lot more like the tree on the oregon license plate.

  2. Please tell me that youre going to keep this up! Its so good and so important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just feel like you know so much and know how to make people listen to what you have to say. This blog is just too cool to be missed. Great stuff, really. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

  3. It's a Doug Flag, associated with the Cascadia independence movement and of late the Portland Timbers Soccer team.