Friday, May 31, 2013

Scottish soft drink parodies two competitors at once with "Fanny" cans

Via The Drum

Scottish soft drink brand Irn-Bru is known for its cheeky ads. So when a UK competitor launched a drink called "Pussy," I imagine they took it as a challenge.

With "Fanny" cans, Irn-Bru is also taking a shot at a European Coca-Cola campaign that puts popular first names on cans. (For those unaware, "Fanny" is UK slang for female genitals.)


Yeah, it's all a joke. There are no immediate plans to roll out the Fanny cans in retail. But it's a good bit of lighthearted meta-marketing online.

It's not even the first time Irn-Bru has made a Fanny gag. This spot is from last year:

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