Friday, August 2, 2013

Hanes tries to hijack a cancer meme, fails

Remember those silly slacktivist things where women were writing the colour of their bra or panties on Facebook to "raise awareness" of associated cancers? So does someone working for Hanes.

AdFreak's Rebecca Cullers writes:
Hanes is asking women to overshare on social media by telling the world the color of their undies. They're pretending that revealing your panty color is some sort of slightly salacious act, and they're willing to offer you free undies if you do it, though it's pretty clear that the whole thing is cleverly disguised market research into preferred panty colors. 

The interactive site over at is not super exciting. It asks you to choose a colour from a colour wheel (that oddly includes neither white nor black nor "nude" options)

There's not much else to say about this campaign except that stealing an (old) idea from grassroots social media memes is rather cynical. And pretending talking about panty colour is edgy, in our present age of fetish porn and commando wardrobe malfunctions, is beyond disingenuous.

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