Thursday, October 24, 2013

Canada vs. The USA: An Infographic

American adblogger Steve Hall posted this promo piece from Media-Corps, an American media sales firm specializing in Canadian media sales.

What's funny for me, as a Canadian, is that it's another example of how one-sided our relationship with "The States" really is. Steve prefaced his post with a bunch of "did you knows" (Canadians spell differently than Americans; Canadians call a couch a chesterfield; Canada has a higher concentration of Asians; Most Canadians live near the American border...)

Meanwhile, I wonder if there are more than a couple of USA facts here that Canadians did not already know about our neighbour (see what I did there?) to the south:

See the full-size version here.
So, what do you think? Does it ring true? (I'm pretty sure "yogourt" is a deliberate joke...)

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