Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bowie shills for fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion in epically pretentious Louis Vuitton ad

Nobody sells out like David Bowie sells out. The man appeared in his first ad before his career even took off. At the height of his art rocker cred in the '70s, he was writing music for TV ads. And then, of course, came the '80s. And finally, this.

As an elder statesman of Baby Boomer cool, Bowie is back on the shill train. This time, it's with a harpsichord remix of one of his new songs in an incredibly decadent ad for  Louis Vuitton:

Directed by Romain Gavras, and featuring model Arizona Muse, it's basically an ad for purses. Very expensive purses.

This version of "I'd Rather Be High" is one of the bonus tracks on a new, expanded release of Bowie's comeback album.

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  1. You forgot to mention it was 'inspired' by the Ball Room Dream scene from Labyrinth in which Bowie was the Goblin King.