Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Walmart" astroturf campaign against labour rights

The abysmal writing and low production quality of this ad are insulting enough to viewers. But watch it, and prepare to be appalled.

According to The Nation: has discovered that Worker Center Watch was registered by the former head lobbyist for Walmart. Parquet Public Affairs, a Florida-based government relations and crisis management firm for retailers and fast food companies, registered the Worker Center Watch website. 
The firm is led by Joseph Kefauver, formerly the president of public affairs for Walmart and government relations director for Darden Restaurants.
This is what we call "astroturfing" — fake grassroots movements as corporate reactions to real activism.

Of course, you could also say that the exposé has a point of view; The Upworthy post I saw this on was sponsored by AFL-CIO. But the characterization of all those who stand up to Black Friday labour abuses as lazy, paid, union stooges is pretty dishonest no matter where you stand politically.

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