Monday, February 10, 2014

Want to have a beer with the POTUS? This is your chance...

The image above just appeared in my G+ feed:

Is it just me, or does the picture of President Obama hanging out with frat boys look like it was photoshopped by The Onion?

The appeal links to a page on the President's site where you can pledge to "help get the word out about getting covered" and "be automatically entered for the chance to fly in to meet President Obama backstage in Washington, D.C."

I suppose it's an attempt to show President Obama as approachable, but the way he towers over the slobbish, beaming, and seemingly-drunk male youths — beer in hand — is rather bizarre.

This isn't the first time that images used in the promotion of the Affordable Care Act have left people scratching their heads. Remember the reaction to Adriana, who wasn't actually enrolled in the ACA? Remember “Pajama Boy”? Or "Out2Enroll"?

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