Thursday, April 17, 2014

DDB puts more "ass" in "classical music"

The Belgian B Classic music festival let DDB do a number on a classic, Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco, by having some young Japanese (correction: Korean) women dance provocatively throughout three minutes of it:

The YouTube description explains, "B-Classic presents The Classical Comeback: a new music video format that gives classical music the same recognition as pop and rock music by combining the timeless emotion of classical music with the visual talent of a contemporary director."

Talent... right, because viewers were as taken by the cinematography as they were with the music.

While using the sexualized aesthetic of a cheesy rap video to trick people into listening to a different genre of music is amusing in theory, the execution is just another chapter in our ongoing exploitation of women's sexuality to sell anything and everything.

Ironically, in this case, it probably won't sell any tickets unless the concerts feature exotic dancers beside the conductor.

Via Ads of The World


  1. NB They're Korean, not Japanese.

    1. Thank you! The schoolgirl costumes threw me off.