Monday, March 30, 2015

German smoothie company tries unrepentant sexism as a marketing strategy

Image via Adland

Adland recently made me aware of a marketing controversy in Germany. Apparently, this smoothie's packaging makes fun of its unappetizing design with the following:
"Limited No 6 - Black Edition. Have you ever helped an ugly female friend -- who's a really nice person on the inside -- get a date? That's how we are feeling with our smoothie here which might be the tastiest we have ever made but who doesn't get the love it deserves because of its looks. We saw no other solution but to turn off the lights so you can fully embrace its inner values."
A sexist joke is always good for some outrage earned media, and that's exactly what has happened, as well as the inevitable "have a sense of humour" defence.

Personally, I can't even work up outrage over this one. It is a cynical marketing move designed to rack up social mentions.

Brave? No, just tiresome.

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