Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Honda dealership under fire for sexist rink ad

Image via Teri Pecoskie

Apparently, this is an ad that the Henley Honda dealership in  St. Catharines, Ontario, saw fit to put in front of the visitors' bench at the Meridian Centre, where the Niagara IceDogs play.

In Canada. In 2016.

Using sexism to troll opposing teams has a long tradition in sports, including painting visitors' locker rooms pink. But how regressive do you have to be to use feminine imagery to insult male athletes in the 21st Century? Especially as more and more women play, watch, and love hockey and other sports.

The advertiser didn't just make an honest mistake, either. This is how they reacted to criticism on Twitter:

The Protein World reference is telling. But while Protein World and Gourmet Burger Kitchen are brands appealing to a narrow demographic of young people, Honda is a major brand that depends on selling to all walks of life. For the Honda brand, sexism by a rogue dealer is simply bad business.

Thanks to Justin for the tip!


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