Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My other bus is a streetcar

Toronto media planner fail:

For those of you outside of our fair country, Canada's largest city (and advertising epicentre) of Toronto has streetcars. They're rather cute.

However, when creating and placing a national campaign, you may wish to consider that none of the rest of Canada's five largest municipalities has streetcars. (Okay, Vancouver's getting surface light rail, but I'm not sure that counts.)

What's extra-specially sad about this placement, which I shot this morning, is that Ottawa is hosting the Canadian Urban Transit Association's 2010 national conference at the moment.

I wonder how many delegates now wonder why CMA can't tell a streetcar from a bus?

Somebody needs to tell their agency's creative and media teams to get out more.


  1. Everyone knows that Toronto is the centre of the universe. Major FAIL!

  2. It's like the major FAIL of the Royal Canadian Legion when Stride Marketing selected the Horst Wessel Lied (Die Fahne hoch) which was the anthem of the Nazi Party, as well known as Deutschland ├╝ber alles.


  3. I saw the same ad last week and thought the same thing.

  4. This was my third sighting, but the first for which I was able to capture the moment. Of fail.

  5. I felt bad for the planner for last week's GayLea ad but no excuses on this one.

  6. I think that's in downtown Ottawa, and it's on the Transitway along Albert and Slater. I know, I live here.

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