Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Call it a "sensitivity disability"

I get these anti-distracted-driving ads from Romania. And they're well art-directed. But I don't like them.

It's quite simple, to me: These ads are offensive to people with disabilities.

Okay, so blind people should not be driving. But amputees can, and do, drive without any problems.

The message that you're disabled from driving when you're texting is clear enough, but I just don't believe that a social marketing campaign to raise awareness and compassion for one issue should be inconsiderate towards another.

I wanted to get a local cultural opinion on this campaign, for balance, but the only person I know in the Romanian ad industry just had a baby (Felicit─âri, Roxana!) so she's busy.

The campaign is by Publicis Bucharest, for Bucharest City Police. Via Ads of the World.


  1. I'm impressed you even know anyone in the Romanian ad industry! - Laura

  2. You nailed it when you mention raising awareness at the expense of another issue. Edgy is great, but there is a fine line from that to offensive.