Monday, June 29, 2009

ADWEAK... it's alive!

I was just reading an article about Apple yanking its iPhone porn app, and it reminded me of this fake news item that appeared in my favourite ad industry satire site, ADWEAK, many years ago:

(Further sanitized for your protection; the original is here.)

Anyway, in the dark years after the high tech bust laid waste to Ottawa's advertising industry, ADWEAK was a bright light. Its industry gossip rewritten as satire reminded me that working in a big agency in a large market also sucked. And I still use the story "The Brandwheel™ vs. 360° Branding®" as a cautionary tale for agency and client discussions alike. The authors were anonymous, but they were Internet famous in their anonymity.

ADWEAK had a great run from 2000 to 2003, then started tailing off. There were a few sporadic updates in 2004 and 2005, but then nothing. There was even a death rumour.

Today, I went back looking for my 7-year-old Nostradamish iSmut news item, and lo and behold! A new note!

A brief note to the twelve or so devoted readers I may have left after my extended absence. As I have emerged from my fortified compound deep in the Mexican jungles, my crack team of internet savvy chimpanzees has alerted me that thanks to new technology, it is possible to issue occasional communiques with even less personal effort that before. And apparently, this twitter-ing is quite popular amongst the younger set. So let us give it a try, shall we? Look for my occasional comments and the 'latest' advertising (ick, even the word sickens my stomach) news at my twitter account at . (The chimpanzees attempted to explain the exact ins and outs of the site, but hand signals can only communicate so much. And I was quite intoxicated.)

And to you, I say good day.

So it's back! And I'm only about three weeks out of the loop! So I'm following ADWEAK on Twitter now. If you want to know why, check out the back issues from their archive. It's still funny as hell.

Welcome back!

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