Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Moments in Hoservertising

Canada Day is almost upon us, the 24-hour period in which Canadians release a year's worth of repressed patriotism in one massive, drunken EH?-gasm.

In honour of the event, I'd like to take a look back at my formative years in Canadian advertising, to the days when all Canadian men were blue-collar, hirsute and named "Gordie". Let's start with a jingle that Labatt would do well to resurrect for a classic brand:

Molson on the other hand, celebrated the great Canadian wisdom that the best-tasting beer is a free one:

Watch how many stubbies you have, though, or you could end up like this dude:

Or even worse, if you juice on the job:

Speaking of Hosers, here's a 1986 Harvey's commercial with Dave Thomas doing one of his other SCTV roles:

This blog wouldn't be complete without a Timmy's link, even though their '80s ads sucked Boston Creme:

And Canadian Tire, back when they were still a hardware and automotive store:

Another great Canadian brand, this one courtesy of our tax dollars:

Speaking of which, I ought to end on Canada's greatest achievement in the realm of PSA:

And, of course, this awesome modern parody:

Have an awesome, proud, and safe Canada Day!

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