Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Go, Lara, Go!

Here at Acart, we try to live our "work that really matters" credo and give something back to our communities. But one of my colleagues took it to a whole other level.

Lara Taweel, an Account Executive, just got back from a week of building houses in New Orleans' St. Tammany Parish with Habitat for Humanity.

Lara went with a group partially funded by International Orthodox Christian Charities, an organization she met through friends at her church. The rest of the money came out of Lara's pocket.

Lara says she was moved by the plight of people who lost their homes near the levee when Hurricane Katrina broke through it in 2005. The house she worked on was for a single mom and nurse, who was forced by the natural disaster to start over. Lara says it was particularly rewarding to meet the future homeowners, who donate many hours of their own time and effort to getting themselves re-established.

In her typical modest fashion, Lara didn't tell many people around the agency where she was going on her June vacation. But she came back with lots of pictures and stories to inspire others to take up the cause.

We're all really proud of Lara for braving 40 degree Louisiana heat and "way too much fried food" just to do something meaningful for other people in need. This is what the true spirit of altruism is supposed to look like.

Way to go!


  1. Holy awesome, Lara. That work belt is also completely stylin'