Friday, July 3, 2009

What a bunch of _ holes!

I'm going to write a second entry today, just because I can't wait until Monday to talk about the new viral campaign by Hardee's:

This first arrived on my radar on Monday, in a post by @Hardees on the Twitterfeed. It went to the "Name Our Holes" microsite, where users are invited to submit their own text and video suggestions for naming Hardee's new "biscuit holes" (they look like Timbits) with tongue firmly planted in cheek — so to speak!

Referring to the campaign as "Intentionally awkward" in my own feed, I ended up getting quoted by their corporate Tweeter twice. He/she used the phrase to then plug their YouTube channel. They also have a Facebook fan page with lots of digital swag.

As silly as it is, this is one of the best and most integrated social media campaigns I have yet to see. And it's getting buzz.

But in the end, is it any less smutty than that BK 7-incher ad? In my humble opinion, it's different because it's much less sexist in its innuendo. It's just harmlessly childish.

It may not sell more B Holes, but it's much more likable branding.

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