Monday, November 23, 2009

Foster Rollout

Last Friday, National Child Day, Children's Aid Societies across Eastern Ontario launched their new foster family recruitment campaign.

Conceived and produced by your favourite Change Marketeers here at Acart, "Winning Kids" includes a TV PSA/Web video series, posters, and print and internet ads.

Those of you who follow the blog have already had a sneak peek at the videos, but fairweather friends can see them here (click through to YouTube and follow the playlist):

What you may not have seen yet is the print part. Here it is:

The ads were all presented at a gala launch in the Museum of Nature. I was gutted that I couldn't be there, but according to other team members who attended, it was a moving sight. Apparently the ads had some people in tears (in the good way).

The one that hits me where I live, though, is this one:

When we were brainstorming the campaign, we wanted everything to look user-generated. So to give the client an idea of the snapshot-style photos we were envisioning, we raided our own Facebook pages for family and friend photos.

All of the ads were professionally re-shot with volunteer models except this last one. That's my own son, on a Saturday fishing trip to neighbouring New Edinburgh last spring. Nobody could figure out how to re-create the scenario believably, so we just made due with my 5 megapix personal shots. (It was strictly catch-and-release, BTW.)

Thanks to Chris at Photolux Studio for a great job. And thanks to our team and all the volunteers.

I'll blog the rest of the campaign later this week.