Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Raising a stink to support autism research

I wasn't planning to do a theme week on weird fast food corporate social responsibility, but I saw this link on MTLB:

"In honor of National Hamburger Month, White Castle is adding a new product to its Crave Store and select White Castle restaurants (on May 3): a Slyder-scented candle in a ceramic holder shaped like a Slyder cardboard sleeve."

Whoa. Or perhaps "ewwww!"

With no White Castle in my area, I've never actually had a Slyder. But I can't imagine a burger anywhere I'd want to scent my living room. At least not without the aroma heralding the eating of an actual burger. But late at night, with wine and Roxy Music? Not so romantic.

To make the candle, White Castle teamed up with Laura Slatkin (described as"queen of home fragrances"), the owner of Candela Group.

The candles are for a good cause, however, with all proceeds going to benefit Autism Speaks — the largest autism science and advocacy organization in the United States.

And as a quick visit to White Castle's "Crave Store" confirms, the "candles that smell like a greasy bag of burgers" fad has caught on.

I guess it's an American thing.

Speaking of fundraising, Joannie Rochette's iheartmom campaign to fight women's heart disease continues to spread its influence leading up to Mother's Day. If you haven't seen the viral video yet, check it out (and donate!) at iheartmom.ca

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