Friday, June 4, 2010

Alcohol and online Truth or Dare? This will end well...

It's Friday at Acart, and that means we'll be ending a long week with a glass of wine in the office and some chit-chat. Wine is a great social lubricant. As long as everyone drinks responsibly (especially in regards to driving), it's healthy and harmless.

That's in real-life social situations. In social networking, booze really can be a terrible vice. Think of unfortunate Facebook pictures and comments. Regrettable texts. And... online Truth or Dare?

Naked Grape is a Canadian wine brand by international giant Vincor. Made from a blend of domestic and imported grapes, it's a fair-to-middlin'/easy drinkin' choice in various reds and whites, and is not expensive.

The current promotion is clearly aimed at younger drinkers, with posts about dating disasters like these:
"one year it was my birthday party and my boyfriend and all his friends came to the party and my boyfriend was really drunk and so was i and i ended up making out with his bestfriend. i only knew about it was the next day when his friends were going through the pictures"

"...I just spilled and dude....did you put a pic of your Dad on-line or something?? And sure enough....he DID!!! It was a pic of his Dad when he was in his early 30's! He was actually 19....which was a little less creepy than the 15 I'd thought but needless to say, the date ended before the dinner was even ordered!"

"i started my period and it was on the chair when i got up from supper as i was wearin a skirt and thong"

Ummm.... thanks for sharing.

And then there are the dares:

I'm sure this is moderated, and it seems like fairly harmless fun so far, but with Gen-Ys being advised to tone down their online "brand" — and many becoming increasingly concerned about their lack of online privacy — I wonder if this is good timing for an online initiative that encourages oversharing. Especially for a purveyor of booze.

(image from OMG Facebook)

If you want, you can get onboard before the trainwreck at naked Grape's Truth or Dare Facebook page (installs an app) or web site.


  1. It could end like this...

  2. Or this:

    University sure has changed...