Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making a mix tape for Mother Nature

The David Suzuki Foundation and CBC have teamed up to promote the creation of an all-Canadian mix tape of original songs promoting environmental awareness.

Called "Playlist for the Planet", it has attracted some of Canada's greatest musical stars, from Rush and Gordon Lightfoot to Bruce Cockburn, Broken Social Scene, k-os, and Raffi. Frigging Raffi!

Suzuki's explanation:

"Earlier this year, I invited some of my favorite artists and friends to write songs for the Playlist for the Planet. Now we’re opening this up to you! This is a nationwide call for Canadian songwriters of all levels to bring their talents forward.

I must admit, however, that my musical tastes are still firmly anchored in the 1960s. When I think of songs such as We Shall Overcome or Give Peace a Chance, it’s clear that music can be transformational. We need your music to inspire people about today’s most pressing issues—it’s a matter of survival.

I believe that an “environmental anthem” can help bring the overwhelming public support for the environment to its rightful place. Together, we can inspire thousands of Canadians to gather around song."

For the humble playing public, there's a chance to get heard online and on-air, win a guitar, and possibly be included on the eventual. Anyone can enter through the CBC Radio 3 site [link fixed], and I'd be kind of disappointed if some of my musical friends on Facebook didn't give it a shot.

I'd love to see Neil Young in there, too. But he's already written that song many times.

Now here's a goofy video of David Suzuki playing guitar:

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