Monday, August 9, 2010

Burundi Monday 3: Love in the Time of Cholera Shots

In this third installment of my followup on Acart Viedographer Christopher Redmond's African journeys, I'd like to get a little mushy.

You see, Christoper has recently been joined abroad by his Burundi Film Center partner, Bridget. And by "partner" I mean "PARTNER". And also partner.

The story goes back a few years, to when BFC was first getting started. As Christopher blogs:

"I asked Bridget to come to Burundi in 2007, first and foremost, to document the pilot-project through pictures. As a professionally trained and award-winning photographer, I knew she could find a beauty in the chaos over here that might help us get the attention we needed to continue. It was no small bonus that she’d also been making films for 10 years and has design talents that we continue to exploit in all our promotional materials. She deserves far more credit than she gets for her BFC work, for sure, but I also preface her many talents to save face a little. A love affair was indeed born, but luring her deep into Sub-Saharan Africa to do so certainly wasn’t the calculated ploy many of my friends joke it must have been. At least I don’t think it was…"

Bridget, whose last name is now also Redmond, married Christopher last year in a ceremony at the Mayfair Theatre that was true to their film geek roots.

Bridget is also a committed media nut, but in her case the passion has led to a career in photography and film. In addition to her "regular" job, Bridget runs a wedding film business called First Kiss Films. Now, Bridget is back in Africa fulfilling her role as BFC photographer, documenting the group's work teaching video media skills to Burundi's next generation of documentarians and filmmakers so that they can share their stories with the world.

It's nice to see those film-crossed lovers reunited doing the work they love. And, as always, you can follow their story through regular updates in Christopher's blog.

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