Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Rich...

Sociological Images yesterday reported on this ad that appeared in various NYC locations:

You don't need to be a feminist academic blogger to see the issue here. In fact, the play on the Duchess of Windsor's famous quote "a woman can't be too rich or too thin" outraged one anonymous (male) culture-jammer enough to do his own "remix" of the ad:

Is it really so bad? The client insists (via Twitter) "We're a thin pretzel cracker... ‘Thin’ just happens to be a good word to describe the shape of our product."

And of course the old cliche never entered their minds. In fact, these folks are so unaware of any comparison of their product to people's desire to lose weight, that they took the first ad down and replaced it with this one:

Whatever you think about the social responsibility of this campaign in the era of eating disorders, there's absolutely no excuse for such hackneyed copywriting.

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  1. *facepalm* I have no words to describe how equally wrong both ads are.