Friday, August 27, 2010

Fantastic Plastic Mockumentary

Fellow Osocio blogger Armando posted this epic "mockumentary" by DDB LA, about the secret life of discarded plastic bags:

It's long, but worth watching all the way through. That's because it has the three things that make a smart parody great:

1) Love of the subject matter — Just as Spinal Tap reveals the writers' and actors' obsession with rock music, this video betrays the Creatives behind it as nature documentary geeks like me. For every four minutes of hilarity, imagine a lifetime of Wild Kingdom, Lorne Greene's New Wilderness, and especially BBC's David Attenborough.

2) Attention to detail — This follows naturally from #1. To make it work, you're got to remain true to form throughout. The voiceover's British accent and over-dramatic delivery, the lovingly-filmed beauty shots, and especially the night vision are absolutely bang-on.

3) Playing it straight — This seems like the hardest thing for many advertisers and comedians to do. There's always the temptation to either let the audience know you're in on the joke, or to laugh at your own wit. But as soon as you break that fourth wall, all is lost. This video keeps a straight face to the bitter end.

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