Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sesame Street loses its innocence

AP reports that a musical segment guest starring Katy Perry will not be shown on TV due to excessive cleavage:

AP: "Sesame Street said in a statement Thursday that in light of the “feedback we’ve received” after the bit was aired on YouTube, they won’t include it on the show."

Personally, I'm on the side of this comment on YouTube, from bcdflash:

"I don't get it! it's cute. the kids wouldn't see it as anything other than a fun song to hop around to, and dance 'til they're tired. Katy has boobs, mommy has boobs and even school teachers have boobs. Do you really think this is something shocking?? What sad and pathetic people won't complain about for attention."

If showing that much is bad for preschoolers, what must the complainers think about taking their toddlers to the beach? To the art gallery? Or anywhere where a woman might be *gasp* publicly breastfeeding?

Sure, the song is kind of lame. But the outfit is no more scandalous that what most under-30 women wear in their daily lives. By making a scene about "naughty" body parts, these parents will make their kids all the more interested — and it's that combination of shame and titillation, IMHO, that really leads to lost innocence.

It's time for America to overcome its Mammophobia. You are embarrassing us all.


  1. Here!Here!
    I love that Katy Perry is playing with Elmo. It is, however, the absolute truth: you cannot forsee or prevent a person from being outraged.

    My bet is that had the bit not been on YouTube, the detractor would have sat the kid in front of the tv and gone and done the laundry and the kid would have an entertaining insight on communication blocks.

  2. Thanks for saying what I was thinking.

  3. The 'OMGTHINKOFTHECHILDREN' people really make me laugh sometimes.