Saturday, September 25, 2010

So much sexism, so little time

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the latest attempt to document the worldwide reality of women treated as sex objects in advertising.

It's a Flickr photostream by a user called woman_objectofdesire, and it's called "Sex Sells (ad sexism photoblog)".

It isn't original by far, but what amazes me is this photoblogger's energy. Between September 14 and today, woman_objectofdesire has posted 620 images. (Not to mention the other photostreams on the site!) They range from well-known PeTA and American Apparel smut to retro ads from "men's magazines", movie stills, and even book and album covers. (That Roxy Music album, IMHO, is one of their best!)

I even found an ad that provided a stereotype of Canadian men I wasn't previously aware of:

A worthwhile archive for anyone looking to research the topic of women's sexuality as ann advertising obsession. It's particularly interesting because it has so many obscure European and Asian examples I had never seen before. I just wish it were more focussed in its scope, sticking to the topic of ads. (Update: This linked set is much better.) There should be enough content in that alone to keep this blogger busy for many years to come!

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  1. I think that it is a cheap/ easy mean for advertising. It lacks creativity and over using it will make consumers get use to it & will make the product lose its credibility.