Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gitchman hits the Home Stretch

The "Guy at Home in His Underwear" is the ultimate in slacktivism: A dude hanging out in his gitch (that's Canadian for "underpants") nonstop, for 25 days, to raise money for testicular cancer.

And since this is 2010, the whole thing is documented live online:

(Click here to go to his site)

He also interacts with people who chat him up or Tweet online.

Mark, the underpants crusader, is actually a testicular cancer survivor. And his effort is sponsored by venerable Canadian underclothier Stanfields. So as slacktivism goes, it's pretty solid.

All you have to do is give Mark a "like" on Facebook, and his sponsor will give a buck to the Canadian Cancer Society (Max $50k). Or you can just donate directly. But you have to do the "like" thing before Friday, October 29 to fund his undies crusade.

Only 296 "likes' to go...

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  1. C'mon people... if you didn't vote municipally... you can make up for it by atleast 'liking' this guy.