Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

The popular doll who everyone loves to hate is undergoing a makeover.

No, she's not going back to her heavy-handed '70s eyeshadow. I'm talking about the brand.

This new ad, from California's Firedrill Productions, repositions the posable plastic person as an enabler for girls who have big dreams for their future:

That's right. Barbie has moved on from her dreams of marrying Ken and setting up a Malibu Dream Home.  Now she can be whatever she wants to be, because that's how 21st Century girls role model.

Do you buy it? There has been a lot of attempt, over the past couple of decades, to give Barbie better prospects than just being pretty. And none too soon, either, since Ken is suspected to have switched teams back in the 90s.

Can Barbie ever become an ambition learning tool? I think the pressure is more on the parents than it is on Mattel.


  1. For some interesting reading, I suggest picking up a copy of "Forever Barbie", which is kind of a critical analysis of Barbie and her history.

    In the context of feminism, Barbie, on her inception, was pretty revolutionary as far as creating a storyboard for young girls that didn't involved marriage and babies, as was often purpose of baby-dolls of the time. Barbie was an unmarried career woman, which was a pretty radical idea at the time.

    Sounds like they're coming full circle.

  2. I love your title and how it now has the AQUA song lyrics in my head!!!

  3. I had to physically restrain myself from embedding the video in the post ;)

  4. Interesting though that the only Barbie actually shown is the ballerina Barbie. Maybe Mattel should consider releasing Fighter Jet barbie? - Laura