Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everyone has a price - especially on Twitter

@MarleeMatlin: $217.65

Have an Oscar-winning actress Tweet your cause for just $217.65. Hell, you could have a former child star for $2,985.80 — or as little as $29.41!

The "Twinfluence" of Marlee Matlin, Lindsay Lohan, Danny Bonaduce, and many other celebrities (and cewebrities) is for sale at Sponsored Tweets, a property of IZEA. (link via Consumerist)

From the "about" page:

Founded in 2006, IZEA is the world leader in sponsored conversations. IZEA pioneered the sponsored conversation space and continues to create innovative platforms like Sponsored Tweets to help our customers realize their objectives.

There are some surprisingly high-priced Twitscorts available for outcalls:

Soleil Moon Frye, AKA '80s TV character Punky Brewster, commands a queenly $5,850.00 per tweet. Apparently Punky grew up to become a popular Internet celebrity. But I can't imagine why...

@moonfrye: $5,850.00

On the other end of the scale, Shavar Ross, best known to people my age as Arnold's friend Dudley from Diff'rent Strokes.

@shavar: $15.29

In pop culture circles, Dudley is known for his role as a victim of Gordon Jump's sexual abuse in a "very special episode" that freaked out a generation:

Poor Dudley, it appears, never gets a break. His Tweets are only worth $15.22 a pop.

@JERzi_LYNN: $3.46

But at least his stock is doing better than that of aspiring Internet porn star Jerzi Lynn, who gives her social media love away for a measly $3.46 per Tweet.

 So, what do you think your Tweets are worth?

Or, much more importantly, your self-respect?

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