Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Generation Sesame

That's really what they should call us, rather than "Gen X". After all, we were the first cohort to grow up with Children's Television Workshop as our preschool.

And CTW knows it. First they start appealing to us with our own generation's music, like Feist. Then they manufacture naughty outrage with the "banned" Katy Perry cleavage number. And then, of course, came the Grover "smell like a monster" parody of the already-ironic Old Spice Guy campaign.

Now they continue to cater to parents who were once Sesame Street kids with this amusing social media campaign (inspired, no doubt, by the grassroots Betty White movement) to get Cookie Monster to host Saturday Night Live:

It's a little slow-paced, but Cookie has a bit of a speech impediment. I'm just happy that he's back to being obsessed with cookies, rather than pretending he's still on a health kick. (He even makes a sly drug reference that would fly way over kids' heads.)

At 40, I guess I'll never stop being a Sesame Street kid.


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