Thursday, December 2, 2010

PETA gets Feministed

The American Thanksgiving travel rush, which was this year made extra-painful by new physically invasive security at airports, was also supposed to debut a new campaign for veganism by PETA:

The ad (which is actually kind of lame) didn't just fail to pass airport ad standards for "political advertising"; it completely pissed off the community at Feministing: "Only PETA can try to profit off of the invasive TSA screenings by pushing objectifying and body image bullshit with their latest ad."

The L.A. Times noted: "PETA Vice President Dan Matthews said the ads were meant to be humorous. He said PETA has not taken a political position on airport security measures."

Of course not. PETA has no mandate to promote human rights. Just their own agenda.

Which is funny, considering they made this ad so prudish. PETA protests are known for their nudity.

What a missed opportunity, since everyone knows the new scans look like this:

UPDATE: Apparently, that image is a fraud.


  1. Let's not forget that it's promoting veganism with a promise of a monolith-of-beauty-matching body. Screw saving animals from slaughterhouses, it makes you skinny! what more reason do you need?


  2. You can still be morbidly obese and eat vegan food; I do believe that refined wheat falls within the definition of vegan. Coconut oil is highly fatty, and that is also vegan. Sugar comes from plants; coco butter is highly fatty.
    You could stuff your face with chocolate and refined carbs to your delight and still have a vegan diet.