Sunday, December 12, 2010

Protest in the raw

I've written before, both here and at Osocio, about the conundrum of exploiting (usually women's) sexuality for social causes. PeTA is infamous for it. The Ukrainian group FEMEN are the true radicals of breast protest. And now, in the Russian city of Omsk, a group of women have put out a calendar using pin-up poses to complain about local issues (which Marina Galperina of Animal NY has attempted to translate).

Here are some examples, protesting urban media clutter:

“Advertisements in Omsk are ruining all the facades.”

Poor public transit:

“Omsk Metro: Neither here nor there.”

And... not enough breastmilk?

“The villages are being sucked dry.”

Or maybe not.

The full collection is available for viewing at English Russia. I have to warn you, it gets even weirder.

Nude calendars are hardly new in the world of fund- and consciousness-raising, and this one is hardly the most shocking.  But what do you think of people using the old "SEX - now that I've got your attention..." ploy for social issues? Are we trying to make one thing better by making something else worse?

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