Monday, December 13, 2010

Sticky idea, or just plain gross?

Jamshop, an agency in Adelaide, Australia, came up with a rather disgusting way to get attention for their client in print. (via AoTW)

When the lads flipped through their latest issue of FHM, they found two pages stuck together at the point where a lingerie model was featured. Ewwww...

If they didn't drop the magazine out of pure disgust, and actually pried the pages apart, they were treated to an ad for the Repromed fertility clinic — and an invitation to take an online quiz to see if they qualified as sperm donors.

The punchline? "Don't waste your sperm".

We creatives often talk of discovering "sticky ideas", ones that grab eyeballs and beg to be passed on. These guys may have taken that just a little too literally.

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