Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh, God!

Dangerous Talk posted a collection of Christian and Atheist evangelical billboards from the United States.

First, some Godly ones:

Hate sure isn't.

Now some ungodly ones:

Love this one.

Atheists really dig public transit.

The blogger's point to the comparison is that he feels the Christian ads are harsh and threatening, while the atheist ones are pretty friendly. "Despite trying our best to be an unthreatening as possible," he says, "atheist billboards seem to always cause controversy."

Personally, I've never understood atheist evangelism. Like the Church messages, they're just preaching to the converted. The fact that the atheist ones seem a little more sophisticated just fits the demographics of unbelievers.

Or so I thought. It seems atheist advertising has now decided to fight hellfire with fiery rhetoric.

Seen on Adfreak, December 2:

I told you atheists love public transit!

And this one was on AdFreak just this week:

Jesus. Or whoever. That's just uncalled for. Whatever happened to taking the high road? Don't you remember what Fred "God is Dead" Nietzsche said about fighting monsters?

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