Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Our bodies, our brands"

Feministing just posted a visual essay by "Art Fag City" about the lack of imagination shown in visual identities for women's organizations.

Feministing put it into words:

"Frankly, I find it beyond depressing. Of course it’s natural to think of women’s bodies, particularly for organizations that are health-related, but must every one end up as some squiggle-of-dancing-feminine-curves?"

Here are some examples:

Women leaping.

Women dancing.

Women meditating.

Women as trees.

Women as... ummm...

The point being that we branding folk seem to be rehashing the same stereotypes over and over again. Am I guilty? Of course. But this collection will definitely make me think next time we take on a similar assignment.

There was also an amusing apologetic in the Feministing post because, as they knew readers would hasten to point out, their logo is also a female form:

And an awesome one at that!

Here is their rationale:

"I also understand that a lot of people take issue with our logo, which, indeed, is a woman’s body. But in our case, I think the concept is pretty damn original–reclaiming an image that has been so patently misogynistic by arming her with a definitive point of view."

Whatever. You had me at "F*ck you!" ;)

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