Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to the future

The Year 2000 was a busy one for me. I was blissfully courting the woman who would become my wife, and lobbying for my first Creative Director position. So somehow I missed everything that was going on in Canada 11 years ago...

(Click to make readable) Imagine how much metropolitan Montreallers loved having their city renamed "Ville Trudeau". (After all, they were so pleased about the renaming of Dorval airport!) But at least they are bigger than superburban Oshawa-Toronto-Hamilton.

Artificial light? When did they invent artificial light? And putting kids into lunar exile sounds like a great idea (at least between the ages of 12 and 19)

Amazing! In the old days, we had to make do with 2-D murals of tacky vistas.

Breakfast pellets? Shopping on the videophone? Now there's a reality I can identify with.

George doesn't really like soy steaks, but he humours Madge so that he won't end up having to get his jollies with the robot or the suction chute.

Travel agent?

Hey cool! That guy can Skype with his watch!

Fred would later go into hiding, and change his name to Larry Wachowski.

I wish I had memory playback. Maybe I'd recall when the computers took over, or what I did with my iWatch.
The cartoon was published in the Montreal Gazette in 1969, and was posted in BoingBoing this morning. Its original online appearance was in Paleofuture. Great find!

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