Friday, February 18, 2011

"Embed Everything"

Look, I get the message. But putting adult words in kids' mouths is very hard to do well. There was Peanuts, sure. And Calvin and Hobbes.

But this?

It doesn't quite ring true. Why not let the kids tell us in their own words, instead of having them spout a bunch of marketing and social media babble that will be obsolete by the time they reach puberty?

Instead, they sound like my Twitterfeed:

"I want to know that this brand has an authentic social voice"

Are you going to incentivize me? You'd better freaking incentivize me!"

"Your engagement strategy seems off, somehow."
"You know what's shareworthy? Your mom!"
"I find your use of the auto-retweet regressive and unimaginative."

"Did you even READ last week's Mashable? Jesus!"

"I am going to click that PPC ad, then refuse to engage.  Just to make you pay."

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