Saturday, February 26, 2011

I don't want to grow up.

Wow. Talk about tickling my Gen-X nostalgia.

Facebook friend Candace shared this amazing photoset by Argentinian photographer Irina Werning.

Her explanation:

"I love old photos. I admit being a nosey photographer. As soon as I step into someone else’s house, I start sniffing for them. Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today... A few months ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future."

These are some of my favourites from the set. You can see them all at Irina's Facebook gallery.

(All are copyright 2010 Irina Werning. The captions are mine.)

Never outgrow your inner nerd.

Never outgrow your exotic tastes.

Never outgrow your sense of wonder.

Never outgrow your defiance.

Never outgrow your love of learning.

Never outgrow wanting to stand out.

Never outgrow your rockin' style.

Never outgrow the things you love most.

Never outgrow your intimacy.

Never outgrow your innocence.

Never outgrow your mom's love.
And never outgrow your imagination.
I'd love to have someone do a portrait of me like this, because as a creative dude I am one of those lucky people who never really grew out of anything fun. And why should I? My inner child is way to much fun to hang around with.

UPDATE: e-mail response from Irina

Hi thanks for your email. Im very happy that you like my pictures. I work alone on my personal projects and the fact that you liked it and decided to write means a lot to me!

This is an ongoing project and I will be uploading new pictures regularly on my site.

I will be in NY and Boston in April; and May in Europe and am looking for people who want to go back to their future, so please drop me an email if you want to take part...

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  1. I love this!! I agree I'd love to be a subject for something like this. My dad's a photographer and we have ridiculous amounts of childhood pictures as a result.