Friday, February 25, 2011

Won't someone please think about the (very confused) children?

NBC Dallas Fort Worth reports that this billboard, erected on a stretch of highway I-35, is causing quite an inflamed response among residents:

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Recounts local parent Rebecca Blake:

"We saw a big billboard with a cucumber on it and a face and it said 'Stop vegetable abuse. My daughter Sara said, 'What's that? Stop vegetable abuse?'For them to have to be exposed to something like that in a very public place is just uncalled for and offensive."

My problem is that I can't for the life of me understand why she took the amusing cartoon billboard as some kind of dirty joke. Okay, so the call-to-action was two URLs, and (no relation to the younger Miss Blake), but what could sex shops possibly do — or sell — that would save a cucumber from being put in a position that would inspire such naked horror? It looks as if it were facing a very messy end.

Sounds to me like someone just needs to take the pickle out...

There's a video, too, but it was even more confusing. What does a cucumber have to do with insomnia and a buzzing flashlight?


  1. The reason some find this offensive is probably the same reason I giggled at it.. There are people who just have their minds permanently entrenched in the gutter.

  2. Carrot Juice is Murder.

  3. ... and you said 'erected' with tongue firmly planted in cheek i'm sure... ;)