Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women and Cars, and Women as Cars

I guess it was inevitable. Instead of just implying that their cars are sexy, Nissan partnered with Sports Illustrated to pit their latest model against one of SI's swimsuit models.

Who won? I'm not sure. But I think women everywhere lost a bit of something after this campaign came out.

Campaign by TBWA Chiat Day.

Via Ads of The World.


  1. Even when I was a randy, single 18-year-old guy, I wouldn't have found any of those SI swimsuit models worth a glance.

    Do car companies market exclusively to Jennifer-Marlowe guys? Perhaps the Bailey-Quarters segment is still untapped ...

  2. Bailey!

    So that's why I'm so fascinated by the Hipster Little Mermaid's glasses...

  3. A small part of me feels like I should not be part of the Advertising world because everything and anything will eventually use a sexual appeal technique. I am a closet feminist and am sick to death of women being used as objects.

    Regardless, I don't understand what these ads are doing to sell cars? Even if it were an attractive male used in the ads simply giving consumers eye candy will not sell cars. Obviously this campaign was mad by fans of Baywatch!! *bounce bounce bounce*

    Male hygiene products...okay, but not cars. FAIL!

  4. It's interesting browsing in a magazine store (hurry, while they still exist). Car magazines are almost guaranteed to have young females on the cover; boat magazines, often, but with some exceptions; airplane magazines, almost never.