Monday, March 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape

You wish! No, this is just another example of advertising's postmodern period:

Yeah, it's trying too hard. But does its self-awareness of the fact that it's trying to hard to "go viral" give it an ironic edge? I doubt it. But at least Double Rainbow Guy will be able to buy Cheetos to calm his munchies this week.

And this guy? He gets to brag that his genitals were in contact with Jennifer Aniston
The thing is, Aniston is a pretty awful comedic actress. She really lucked out in getting on board with Friends, and she somehow became a tabloid favourite through her real-life romantic dramas. Now she's simply famous for being famous (and beautiful). So smartwater will get their money's worth out of the endorsement whether people like the video or not, simply because it's today's must-see gimmick.

And as far as I know, there still isn't a sex tape. The closest she came to scandal was when she sued Perez Hilton over a leaked topless pic and her lawyers redacted her breasts.

(Link via Agency Spy)

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