Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Double letdown, all the way!

The news that the Double Rainbow guy had cashed in on his viral fame was not surprising. The fact that Microsoft had hired him was kind of cool.

But what blew my mind was how sucky the resulting ad really is:

I mean, what the hell? His performance is lacklustre, the dude himself has a real face for voiceover, and the ad lacks any sort of interesting concept, execution, or even apparent effort.

Let's review:

Double Rainbow was a great organic viral.

The autotune version was hilarious.

The parodies are even good.

So how does Microsoft screw this one up? What does it mean?



  1. yeah totally didn't grab the essence of the original... fail.

    On the other hand the parody gets a thumbs up.

  2. Maybe some more shrooms were required to capture the essence of the original...

  3. Who uses a DSLR like that? Is it even possible?