Monday, March 21, 2011

Photoshop in a Bottle

AdFreak just posted this campaign from Make Up For Ever that purports to be the first of its kind.

Created for their HD Not Retouched (get it?) foundation, the campaign promises a makeover that is HD-smartphone-MySpace*-angle-friendly. And to prove it, they show beautiful models who have had their makeup professionally applied, apparently sharing their glam with the world.

There's also an interactive campaign site that includes the following video, making fun of retouching and beauty ads in general:

So, what do you think? Empowering? Clever? Cool? Or just amusing?

*I know MySpace is old hat. But that's what it's called.


  1. *****Content warning: This comment is rated 18A for strong use of language.*****

    I will try to be brief.
    Amusing...HELL NO!

    Unretouched in photoshop maybe...because they did all of the retouching before the picture was even taken. F*CKING EPIC FAIL!!

    This is probably one of the worst ads I have seen in a long time, nah...worst campaign. Complete and utter bullshit is what it is! I don't care if this photo is retouched or not, she looks like she is wearing a f*cking mask. Notice that her face is a different colour than her neck? If this is hot then I must be a troll...for all my skin is the same colour *oops*.

    Ummm....HD-smartphone-MySpace-angle-friendly...?? Are you f*cking joking? Are young girls supposed to live their everyday life in fear that someone will take a picture of them when they are not looking "HD friendlty" and post it on the net. WOW!!!

    If you are going to launch a campaign that is "not retouched"...then take some photos of beautiful girls that are not wearing any makeup at all (powder to reduce shine at the most).

    Sorry for the rant, but this is one topic that just really gets me going.

  2. No probs, Mandi. I love a good rant. :)

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