Monday, March 14, 2011

Tools of the (fight against the sex) Trade

I'm on vacation this week, so posts will be fewer and lighter.

Osocio today shared an interesting collection of ads about women's issues, by, on Facebook.

While the ads cover a range of issues, from domestic violence to poverty, it was interesting to note the variety of approaches to the issue of human trafficking.

For example this one, by McCann-Erickson Belgium for the Samilia Foundation, is just plain weird:

I'm not really sure what it's saying, beyond getting my attention for the issue.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe was a little more straightforward in showing the hurt and hopelessness experienced by captive women in the sex trade:

This Luxembourg one I don't much like at all. First of all, it's far too positively sexual for a message about sexual slavery:

Second, it's a blatant PETA ripoff:

This one from India is a tad too smart ans subtle:

So,  how would I approach the issue? Probably something like this:

Sorry the copy is hard to read. Here is a zoom:

What I like about this Israeli approach is the way it lures you in with tasteful sexual interest, then pokes you with harsh reality. Even the copy, "Don't be an accomplice", is devastatingly effective.

Social Marketing is all about shifts in perception. If you try too hard to force a change, audiences won't relate  — or worse, they'll shut you out. The key is to work with their existing perceptions then nudge them out of their comfort zone by showing them that all is not as it seems. I think this ad is a perfect example.

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