Friday, April 1, 2011

Advertising in the pubic interest

A reader from Brazil contacted me and asked, "Why are you writing so much about offensive campaigns lately? I come here to read about great pubic interest advertising!"

Well, Isadora, this post is for you. Because pubic interest advertising seems to be trending these days.

Pubic interest is an issue close to many people's hearts.

For example, this poster very helpfully uses pubic interest in the service of pubic landscaping, specifically a waxing salon in Belgium. Plucking phone numbers from the pubic domain! How clever!

And then this ad, from Italy, uses pubic interest to sell grooming in the upper regions. What better way to promote services to women than to excite female pubic interest? Bravo!


I try to be an equal opportunity blogger, though, so I will add that pubic interest also includes men.  Granted, men's pubic interest does not have the same intrigue as women's.

But what the French ad lacks in subtlety, it makes up in a certain... je ne sais quoi?


Next week: an attempt to untangle the pubic school system.

Note: This post has been modified from its original publication. I removed one ad at the request of its Creative Director, who informed me that it was unauthorized spec creative that went viral. I hate it when that happens :)

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