Friday, April 1, 2011


Marc and I had some fun with his social marketing blog, Osocio, today.

Mark e-mailed me yesterday with the idea of doing an April Fool's prank. We settled on the concept of having a "McDonald's Day" :

The idea was to come up with a series of satirical posts based on the idea that McDonald's had purchased Osocio to give credibility to its corporate responsibility messages, "like the children’s video 'Jimmy visits the Happy McChicken Farm' the nutritional series 'Beef is Cool, Bro!', and a number of adorable testimonials from children in McDonald’s sponsored public schools in America."

But after the initial post, the content on Osocio suddenly changed from objective and activist to McDonald's PR, starting with a glowing review of a McChicken stunt in China as CSR — "to ensure children in China get their 42% RDV of sodium and 44% of fat by ordering a LARGE Chicken McNuggets®"

 Then we took on one of McDonald's arch enemies in the activist world, PETA, giving their ambient campaign a scathing review that simultaneously promoted McDonald's official statements:

 Finally, we went completely off the rails, using a 4-year-old video about labour unrest at Burger King to take a cheap (and hypocritical) shot at the competition:

Fun stuff! And it's fun to get all the corporate spin out of my system, if even jokingly.

Plus, it was all over Twitter...

Happy April Fool's Day!